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Adam. Waterson
 hoootie hoooooo!05/01/05-08:26:45 AM Z
Alex Swain
 Re: Spam strategy05/11/05-02:42:23 PM Z
[email protected]
 Curious Question about Cyano/VDB05/12/05-01:34:39 AM Z
 collodion.. wet plate.. process05/17/05-11:27:41 PM Z
 signup mistake... it is free read bellow05/04/05-09:17:27 PM Z
 sorry about the adds its not my fault...05/04/05-09:13:24 PM Z
 New Alternative photography and darkroom processes chat...05/03/05-10:08:11 PM Z
[email protected]
 Re: Why Winsor & Newton?05/29/05-06:56:30 AM Z
 Re: Souping Up Photoshop Elements05/18/05-03:25:13 PM Z
 Re: loupes for large format camera use and; humidity levels05/02/05-08:03:48 AM Z
Baird, Darryl
 RE: Sizing papers05/29/05-06:59:57 AM Z
 RE: Cumpulsive Camera Clutter Disorder.05/07/05-04:20:09 AM Z
 RE: QTR: was - RE: Epson 1520 printer...05/04/05-11:03:43 PM Z
 RE: Epson 1520 printer...05/04/05-07:02:07 AM Z
 RE: Epson 1520 printer...05/04/05-05:58:27 AM Z
 Re: Why Winsor & Newton?05/31/05-12:13:08 AM Z
 Re: alternative to flourescent tubes.05/30/05-06:06:00 PM Z
 Re: Metalized aluminium. . . ?05/27/05-07:35:53 PM Z
 Re: sun vs exposure unit05/26/05-04:50:42 PM Z
 RE: GUM-PVA-COLD preshrink05/26/05-04:16:53 PM Z
 Re: sun vs exposure unit05/26/05-03:36:14 PM Z
 sun vs exposure unit05/26/05-01:50:20 PM Z
Barbara Izzo
 Re: Gum woes05/11/05-12:57:08 PM Z
Barry Kleider
 [Fwd: Calls for Entry]05/27/05-09:00:48 AM Z
 Speaking of cyanotypes....05/04/05-03:18:04 PM Z
 Re: OT: Camera Cluttered05/02/05-06:33:08 PM Z
Best, Dianne
 FW: Cumpulsive Camera Clutter Disorder.05/10/05-10:04:43 AM Z
Bill William
 Re: emulsion flake off in glass plate negatives05/26/05-07:08:31 PM Z
 Re: emulsion flake off in glass plate negatives05/26/05-11:31:25 AM Z
 RE: GUM-PVA-COLD preshrink05/26/05-07:28:24 AM Z
 RE: GUM-PVA-COLD preshrink05/26/05-07:25:18 AM Z
 Re: GUM-PVA-COLD preshrink05/26/05-12:16:15 AM Z
 Re: GUM-PVA-COLD preshrink05/24/05-06:46:56 PM Z
 O.T. GRA LAB05/18/05-06:58:34 AM Z
Bob Maxey
 Re: Curious Question about Cyano/VDB05/12/05-04:47:33 PM Z
 Re: Formaldehyde source (was Gum woes)05/12/05-01:19:49 AM Z
 Re: patently frustrated05/11/05-03:50:10 PM Z
 Re: patently frustrated05/11/05-02:37:58 PM Z
 Spam strategy05/11/05-01:55:51 PM Z
 Re: patently frustrated05/10/05-04:39:41 PM Z
 Photopolymer printing - searching for more information05/08/05-05:52:02 AM Z
Christina Z. Anderson
 Re: Further Gum Woes was Gum woes revisited05/30/05-02:06:07 PM Z
 Re: Sizing papers05/30/05-02:04:01 PM Z
 Re: Sizing papers05/29/05-06:14:34 AM Z
 Re: Why Winsor & Newton?05/29/05-06:05:52 AM Z
 Re: Further Gum Woes was Gum woes revisited05/28/05-07:01:08 AM Z
 Re: patently frustrated05/12/05-01:43:43 PM Z
 Re: patently frustrated05/10/05-10:00:32 PM Z
 patently frustrated05/10/05-02:17:12 PM Z
 Re: Mix it all at once (RE: kitchen recipe for palladium)05/09/05-09:52:08 PM Z
 Re: Gum woes05/09/05-09:44:37 PM Z
 Re: Gum woes05/09/05-06:20:22 PM Z
 Re: Mix it all at once (RE: kitchen recipe for palladium)05/09/05-07:29:57 AM Z
 Re: Gum woes05/09/05-07:27:22 AM Z
 Re: kitchen recipe for palladium05/09/05-06:58:43 AM Z
 Re: kitchen recipe for palladium05/08/05-07:45:16 AM Z
 kitchen recipe for palladium05/08/05-07:10:30 AM Z
 Re: Gum woes05/08/05-07:04:48 AM Z
 Re: cyano recipe, now kitchen gum recipe05/07/05-06:53:27 AM Z
 Viagra Glyoxal05/05/05-07:15:16 AM Z
 Re: Dry-mounting gum prints05/05/05-07:09:56 AM Z
 Re: cyano recipe05/04/05-08:12:59 AM Z
 Re: cyano recipe05/04/05-08:04:44 AM Z
 Re: cyano recipe05/03/05-10:12:17 PM Z
 Re: cyano recipe05/03/05-07:23:24 PM Z
Christopher Lovenguth
 RE: been away too long, OT printer question05/03/05-08:16:50 AM Z
 been away too long, OT printer question05/02/05-09:19:10 PM Z
 Re: kitchen recipe for palladium05/09/05-08:20:10 PM Z
 Re: kitchen recipe for palladium05/09/05-06:58:49 PM Z
 Re: kitchen recipe for palladium05/09/05-03:43:33 PM Z
 Re: Mix it all at once (RE: kitchen recipe for palladium)05/08/05-07:06:13 PM Z
 Re: kitchen recipe for palladium05/08/05-02:41:33 PM Z
 Re: kitchen recipe for palladium05/08/05-07:49:38 AM Z
 Re: kitchen recipe for palladium05/08/05-07:33:27 AM Z
Clay Harmon
 Re: 1280 going berserkers05/03/05-02:40:14 PM Z
César Bernardo
 test05/23/05-04:55:29 AM Z
D. Mark Andrews
 RE: Metalized aluminium. . . ?05/27/05-07:52:50 PM Z
 RE: Dry-mounting gum prints05/04/05-02:59:13 PM Z
 RE: cyano recipe05/03/05-07:15:36 PM Z
dan jones
 Re: Digital Neg Materials05/14/05-04:24:28 PM Z
 Digital Neg Materials05/13/05-01:18:32 PM Z
Dave Rose
 Re: Why Winsor & Newton?05/31/05-09:25:29 PM Z
 Re: Lamp black - is it the Devil or not?05/26/05-07:12:54 AM Z
 Re: Further Gum Woes was Gum woes revisited05/24/05-07:17:01 AM Z
 Re: Formaldehyde source (was Gum woes)05/10/05-09:26:39 PM Z
 Re: Formaldehyde source (was Gum woes)05/09/05-10:19:42 PM Z
 Re: Gum woes05/09/05-08:18:39 PM Z
 Re: Gum woes05/07/05-08:26:53 AM Z
 Re: Further Gum Woes was Gum woes revisited05/30/05-12:46:58 PM Z
 Further Gum Woes was Gum woes revisited05/24/05-04:54:47 AM Z
 Re: Gum woes revisited05/21/05-04:16:13 AM Z
 Re: Gum woes revisited05/20/05-01:31:40 PM Z
 Re: OT: Personal to Loris Medici05/12/05-12:53:34 AM Z
 Sam Wangs solids...05/04/05-01:04:31 PM Z
 Re: been away too long, OT printer question05/03/05-01:53:18 AM Z
 Re: Gold Chloride05/03/05-01:18:35 AM Z
 Re: Why Winsor & Newton?05/31/05-01:28:56 PM Z
Dennis Moser
 Re: Gold Chloride05/02/05-04:00:59 PM Z
Dennis Purdy
 Re: Cumpulsive Camera Clutter Disorder.05/08/05-01:58:27 PM Z
 Re: Cumpulsive Camera Clutter Disorder.05/07/05-12:54:06 PM Z
Don Bryant
 OT: Personal to Loris Medici05/11/05-09:29:06 AM Z
 RE: Formaldehyde source (was Gum woes)05/10/05-07:51:06 PM Z
 RE: Traveling Portfolio05/10/05-07:45:57 PM Z
 RE: Glyoxal hardening05/04/05-06:28:21 PM Z
 RE: Sam Wangs solids...05/04/05-03:43:43 PM Z
 QTR: was - RE: Epson 1520 printer...05/04/05-03:41:53 PM Z
[email protected]
 Re: Epson 2200 clogging?05/12/05-03:24:29 PM Z
 Re: patently frustrated05/12/05-02:36:29 PM Z
 Re: patently frustrated05/10/05-02:27:22 PM Z
 Re: Glyoxal hardening05/04/05-08:56:10 PM Z
 Re: Glyoxal hardening05/04/05-04:56:33 PM Z
 Re: Epson printers05/04/05-12:57:05 PM Z
Eric Neilsen
 RE: Formaldehyde source (was Gum woes)05/11/05-05:53:11 PM Z
 RE: Formaldehyde source (was Gum woes)05/11/05-05:48:19 PM Z
 RE: kitchen recipe for palladium05/09/05-05:20:04 PM Z
 RE: kitchen recipe for palladium05/09/05-01:31:08 PM Z
 RE: kitchen recipe for palladium05/09/05-01:20:37 PM Z
 RE: kitchen recipe for palladium05/09/05-08:01:42 AM Z
 RE: Mix it all at once (RE: kitchen recipe for palladium)05/08/05-08:19:41 PM Z
 Mix it all at once (RE: kitchen recipe for palladium)05/08/05-06:37:49 PM Z
 RE: kitchen recipe for palladium05/08/05-02:23:57 PM Z
 RE: kitchen recipe for palladium05/08/05-10:56:33 AM Z
 RE: kitchen recipe for palladium05/08/05-10:54:57 AM Z
 RE: Dry-mounting gum prints & gatorboard05/05/05-08:23:38 AM Z
 RE: Dry-mounting gum prints05/05/05-06:58:51 AM Z
 RE: cyano recipe05/04/05-08:36:59 AM Z
 RE: cyano recipe05/03/05-09:53:32 PM Z
 RE: Re: Viewing Distance for Prints05/01/05-04:04:19 PM Z
 RE: Viewing Distance for Prints05/01/05-11:15:35 AM Z
Eric Nelson
 Re: Curious Question about Cyano/VDB05/12/05-08:53:52 AM Z
 RE: Viewing Distance for Prints05/01/05-11:35:28 AM Z
 Re: GUM-PVA-COLD preshrink05/26/05-06:37:56 AM Z
 Re: Formaldehyde source (was Gum woes)05/11/05-05:31:50 PM Z
[email protected]
 Workshop in California in June05/03/05-11:14:12 AM Z
Fran Engelcke
 Re: Curious Question about Cyano/VDB05/12/05-04:06:39 PM Z
Gawain Mead Weaver
 Re: RE: GUM-PVA-COLD preshrink05/24/05-11:02:28 AM Z
 Re: Dry-mounting gum prints & gatorboard05/05/05-08:07:02 AM Z
Gawain Weaver
 RE: The color of Ammonium iron(III) citrate (AIC)?05/08/05-04:27:55 PM Z
George L Smyth
 Re: Gold Chloride05/03/05-05:29:09 AM Z
 Gold Chloride05/02/05-06:14:31 AM Z
Gerry Giliberti
 RE: been away too long, OT printer question05/03/05-08:07:58 AM Z
Gordon J. Holtslander
 Re: alternative to flourescent tubes.05/31/05-10:04:53 AM Z
 Re: sun vs exposure unit05/26/05-04:16:33 PM Z
Grace Taylor
 Re: Traveling Portfolio05/10/05-09:33:11 AM Z
Guido Ceuppens
 Re: GUM-PVA-COLD preshrink05/24/05-02:03:03 PM Z
Halvor Bjørngård
 Re: patently frustrated05/10/05-07:01:26 PM Z
Halvor Bjørngård
 Re: patently frustrated05/10/05-09:01:02 PM Z
 Re: Cumpulsive Camera Clutter Disorder.05/08/05-08:13:37 PM Z
 Re: Cumpulsive Camera Clutter Disorder.05/07/05-09:38:25 PM Z
Hamish Stewart
 Re: Gum woes05/10/05-02:20:56 AM Z
 Re: Gum woes05/08/05-05:35:36 PM Z
henk thijs
 Re: About Van Dyke Brown05/26/05-12:34:32 PM Z
 Re: About Van Dyke Brown05/25/05-10:21:59 AM Z
 Re: GUM-PVA-COLD preshrink05/25/05-10:06:45 AM Z
 Re: GUM-PVA-COLD preshrink05/24/05-03:06:55 PM Z
 GUM-PVA-COLD preshrink05/24/05-08:42:17 AM Z
[email protected]
 Alt-photo Reminder05/30/05-12:00:01 AM Z
 Alt-photo Reminder05/23/05-12:00:01 AM Z
 Alt-photo Reminder05/16/05-12:00:00 AM Z
 Alt-photo Reminder05/09/05-12:00:00 AM Z
 Alt-photo Reminder05/02/05-12:00:00 AM Z
 Alt-Photo Monthly Reminder05/01/05-12:00:01 AM Z
Jack Brubaker
 Epson printer...05/03/05-11:23:53 PM Z
 Epson printers05/03/05-11:15:30 PM Z
Jack Fulton
 Due cappucinni05/04/05-11:14:51 PM Z
 Re: QTR: was - RE: Epson 1520 printer...05/04/05-10:40:12 PM Z
 Re: Epson 1520 printer...05/04/05-08:54:54 AM Z
 Re: Epson 1520 printer...05/04/05-06:25:29 AM Z
 Re: cyano recipe05/03/05-10:07:49 PM Z
Jan Kapoor
 Re: OT: Camera Cluttered05/02/05-07:56:10 PM Z
Janet Neuhauser
 Re: cyano recipe05/03/05-10:19:21 PM Z
Jeffrey D. Mathias
 Re: Mix it all at once (RE: kitchen recipe for palladium)05/09/05-08:59:50 PM Z
 Re: Mix it all at once (RE: kitchen recipe for palladium)05/09/05-08:39:20 PM Z
 Re: Mix it all at once (RE: kitchen recipe for palladium)05/09/05-07:07:48 AM Z
Jeremy Moore
 Re: Epson 2200 clogging?05/12/05-03:30:00 PM Z
 Re: Epson 2200 clogging?05/11/05-06:37:56 PM Z
 Epson 2200 clogging?05/11/05-12:50:46 AM Z
 Re: 1280 going berserkers05/03/05-06:31:29 PM Z
 Re: 1280 going berserkers05/03/05-01:48:34 PM Z
 Re: 1280 going berserkers05/03/05-12:01:31 PM Z
joachim oppenheimer
 RE: Digital Neg Materials05/13/05-06:39:37 PM Z
 RE: Digital Neg Materials05/13/05-03:28:38 PM Z
Joe Smigiel
 Re: Why Winsor & Newton?05/30/05-02:04:53 PM Z
 Re: Further Gum Woes was Gum woes revisited05/30/05-02:02:58 PM Z
 Re: Why Winsor & Newton?05/29/05-04:58:23 PM Z
 Re: emulsion flake off in glass plate negatives05/26/05-11:07:00 PM Z
 Re: emulsion flake off in glass plate negatives05/26/05-12:32:12 PM Z
 Re: Gum woes05/09/05-09:20:24 PM Z
 Re: Gum woes05/08/05-08:38:24 PM Z
 Re: Gum woes05/08/05-08:41:06 AM Z
 Re: Gum woes05/07/05-06:42:27 AM Z
 Re: cyano recipe05/04/05-11:18:12 AM Z
 RE: loupes for large format camera use and; humidity levels05/01/05-11:20:07 PM Z
 RE: loupes for large format camera use and; humidity levels05/01/05-02:40:00 PM Z
John Brewer
 Re: Chemistry source in Europe05/02/05-08:43:02 AM Z
John Cremati
 Re: patently frustrated05/10/05-03:03:58 PM Z
 Cumpulsive Camera Clutter Disorder.05/06/05-11:27:14 PM Z
 Camera Cluttered: Doctor of Photo Junkology05/03/05-12:07:28 AM Z
Jon Lybrook
 Re: Epson 2200 clogging?05/11/05-06:11:35 PM Z
 Re: Photopolymer printing - searching for more information05/08/05-10:13:04 AM Z
Jonathan Bailey
 RE: Viewing Distance for Prints05/01/05-09:29:21 AM Z
[email protected]
 Re: Re: Viewing Distance for Prints05/01/05-03:57:20 PM Z
 Re: Re: Viewing Distance for Prints05/01/05-03:56:43 PM Z
[email protected]
 Re: alternative to flourescent tubes.05/31/05-04:58:41 PM Z
Judy Seigel
 Re: Why Winsor & Newton?05/30/05-11:29:49 PM Z
 Re: Why Winsor & Newton?05/30/05-11:09:37 PM Z
 Re: Why Winsor & Newton?05/29/05-03:33:32 PM Z
 Re: Winsor & Newton update05/28/05-02:02:08 PM Z
 Re: Spam strategy05/12/05-12:32:58 PM Z
 Re: Spam strategy05/11/05-03:10:41 PM Z
 Re: Epson printer...05/04/05-10:19:33 AM Z
Kare Bondeson
 Re: The color of Ammonium iron(III) citrate (AIC)?05/14/05-06:00:44 AM Z
 The color of Ammonium iron(III) citrate (AIC)?05/08/05-02:36:45 PM Z
 Re: Chemistry source in Europe05/04/05-03:07:03 AM Z
 Chemistry source in Europe05/02/05-08:34:24 AM Z
Kate M
 RE: Lamp black - is it the Devil or not?05/26/05-02:07:33 PM Z
 RE: GUM-PVA-COLD preshrink05/26/05-02:06:05 PM Z
 RE: GUM-PVA-COLD preshrink05/26/05-02:02:22 PM Z
 Lamp black - is it the Devil or not?05/26/05-03:46:16 AM Z
 RE: odd cyanotype behavior05/26/05-03:42:26 AM Z
 RE: GUM-PVA-COLD preshrink05/26/05-03:47:00 AM Z
 Souping Up Photoshop Elements05/18/05-02:13:50 PM Z
 RE: Gum woes05/08/05-05:06:16 PM Z
 RE: The color of Ammonium iron(III) citrate (AIC)?05/08/05-04:13:20 PM Z
 RE: Dry-mounting gum prints05/05/05-03:31:37 AM Z
[email protected]
 Re: Lamp black - is it the Devil or not? And Payne's Grey05/26/05-06:32:28 PM Z
 Re: Epson 2200 clogging?05/12/05-05:57:16 PM Z
Katharine Thayer
 Re: Why Winsor & Newton?05/31/05-04:41:52 PM Z
 Re: Winsor & Newton update05/30/05-09:03:59 AM Z
 Re: Sizing papers05/30/05-08:28:39 AM Z
 Reflectance curves and color mixing05/30/05-07:28:49 AM Z
 Re: Further Gum Woes was Gum woes revisited05/30/05-06:16:03 AM Z
 Re: Why Winsor & Newton?05/30/05-06:11:04 AM Z
 Re: Why Winsor & Newton?05/30/05-06:08:09 AM Z
 Re: Sizing papers05/30/05-04:55:10 AM Z
 Re: Sizing papers05/30/05-04:53:41 AM Z
 Re: Winsor & Newton update05/28/05-09:52:15 AM Z
 Re: Winsor & Newton update05/28/05-07:30:50 AM Z
 Re: Winsor & Newton update05/28/05-06:20:26 AM Z
 Re: Lamp black - is it the Devil or not? And Payne's Grey05/26/05-03:24:20 PM Z
 Re: Lamp black - is it the Devil or not?05/26/05-11:00:18 AM Z
 Gamboge update05/26/05-07:41:57 AM Z
 Re: About Van Dyke Brown05/26/05-01:09:54 AM Z
 Re: About Van Dyke Brown05/26/05-12:55:41 AM Z
 Re: Lamp black - is it the Devil or not?05/26/05-12:38:59 AM Z
 Re: About Van Dyke Brown05/25/05-03:22:12 PM Z
 About Van Dyke Brown05/24/05-01:28:36 PM Z
 Re: Sizing with hardened gum05/24/05-06:47:43 AM Z
 Re: Sizing with hardened gum05/24/05-06:42:54 AM Z
 Re: GUM-PVA-COLD preshrink05/24/05-06:08:02 AM Z
 Correction: Re: Sizing with hardened gum05/24/05-05:58:52 AM Z
 Sizing with hardened gum05/24/05-05:34:34 AM Z
 Re: GUM-PVA-COLD preshrink05/24/05-04:37:47 AM Z
 Re: GUM-PVA-COLD preshrink05/24/05-03:19:13 AM Z
 Re: Gum woes revisited05/21/05-04:21:44 AM Z
 Winsor & Newton update05/21/05-03:24:23 AM Z
 Re: Gum woes revisited05/20/05-07:15:32 PM Z
 Re: Gum woes revisited05/20/05-04:24:13 AM Z
 Re: Gum woes revisited05/20/05-04:51:06 AM Z
 Re: Spam strategy05/12/05-07:49:39 AM Z
 Re: Glyoxal hardening05/04/05-12:24:32 PM Z
 Re: Glyoxal hardening05/04/05-12:04:02 PM Z
 Re: Glyoxal hardening05/04/05-10:18:01 AM Z
 Glyoxal hardening05/04/05-09:52:28 AM Z
 Re: Dry-mounting gum prints05/04/05-09:16:30 AM Z
 Re: Dry-mounting gum prints05/04/05-09:06:16 AM Z
 Re: Dry-mounting gum prints05/04/05-08:33:08 AM Z
 Dry-mounting gum prints05/04/05-06:57:11 AM Z
 Re: Epson printer...05/04/05-03:30:01 AM Z
 Re: cyano recipe05/03/05-03:23:33 PM Z
Keith Gerling
 RE: GUM-PVA-COLD preshrink05/24/05-09:53:15 AM Z
 Re: alternative to flourescent tubes.05/31/05-05:09:04 PM Z
 RE: collodion.. wet plate.. process05/18/05-12:10:02 AM Z
 Re: Formaldehyde source (was Gum woes)05/11/05-05:13:42 PM Z
 Re: Formaldehyde source (was Gum woes)05/11/05-04:35:23 PM Z
 RE: Formaldehyde source (was Gum woes)05/09/05-11:10:21 PM Z
 RE: Gum woes05/09/05-10:01:06 PM Z
 Re: kitchen recipe for palladium05/09/05-09:24:31 AM Z
 RE: Gum woes05/08/05-12:55:04 PM Z
 Re: O.T. GRA LAB05/19/05-07:33:31 PM Z
 Re: Dry-mounting gum prints & gatorboard05/05/05-07:27:02 AM Z
 Re: cyano recipe05/04/05-08:48:10 AM Z
 Re: cyano recipe05/04/05-07:09:29 AM Z
 Re: cyano recipe05/04/05-07:05:44 AM Z
 Re: cyano recipe05/04/05-06:49:19 AM Z
 Re: cyano recipe05/03/05-07:57:43 PM Z
 cyano recipe05/03/05-06:15:10 PM Z
 Re: Viewing Distance for Prints05/01/05-07:20:21 AM Z
Loris Medici
 RE: Why Winsor & Newton?05/31/05-02:20:42 AM Z
 RE: OT: Personal to Loris Medici05/12/05-01:09:46 AM Z
 Re: OT: Personal to Loris Medici05/11/05-02:39:14 PM Z
 RE: kitchen recipe for palladium05/09/05-08:08:30 AM Z
 Re: Ferric Ammonium Oxalate05/01/05-04:40:23 PM Z
[email protected]
 FS APO Nikkors more05/06/05-10:00:28 AM Z
Mark Kronquist
 Re: OT: Camera Cluttered05/02/05-10:59:50 PM Z
Maylee Noah
 Re: Alt Photo in Seattle05/29/05-01:27:03 PM Z
Michael Dowdall
 Re: Gold Chloride05/02/05-04:17:42 PM Z
 Re: Gold Chloride05/02/05-03:39:28 PM Z
 Re: Gold Chloride05/02/05-03:38:27 PM Z
 Re: Gold Chloride05/02/05-12:04:36 PM Z
 RE: Viewing Distance for Prints05/01/05-06:47:52 AM Z
Michael Healy
 Re: Sizing papers - p.s.05/29/05-12:09:40 PM Z
 Re: sun vs exposure unit05/26/05-02:57:57 PM Z
Michael Koch-Schulte
 Re: cyano recipe05/03/05-08:49:42 PM Z
 OT: Camera Cluttered05/02/05-06:15:18 PM Z
 Re: Ferric Ammonium Oxalate05/01/05-07:59:54 AM Z
Mike Klemmer
 Re: Epson 2200 clogging?05/12/05-10:19:02 PM Z
[email protected]
 Re: Gum woes05/07/05-07:42:14 AM Z
Nick Zentena
 Re: O.T. GRA LAB05/19/05-08:19:56 AM Z
 Re: Formaldehyde source (was Gum woes)05/11/05-05:05:58 AM Z
 OT looking for Scott Wainer?05/10/05-03:17:22 PM Z
 Re: Formaldehyde source (was Gum woes)05/10/05-05:11:18 AM Z
 Re: Alt Photo in Seattle05/22/05-09:20:51 PM Z
nze christian
 RE: Ferric Ammonium Oxalate05/01/05-04:20:51 AM Z
Pam Niedermayer
 Re: OT: Camera Cluttered05/02/05-08:20:58 PM Z
Patrick Kealey
 alternative to flourescent tubes.05/30/05-05:10:05 PM Z
 Re: Why Winsor & Newton?05/30/05-12:46:44 PM Z
philippe berger
 Carbon Infrared05/15/05-12:25:35 PM Z
Photogecko Austin
 Metalized aluminium. . . ?05/27/05-06:26:42 PM Z
[email protected]
 Re: Photopolymer printing - searching for more information05/10/05-09:28:51 AM Z
R E Redman
 Re: Viewing Distance for Prints05/01/05-02:18:47 PM Z
 Re:Viewing Distance for Prints05/01/05-03:43:27 AM Z
Reg Heron
 Re: Sizing papers - p.s.05/29/05-10:20:48 AM Z
[email protected]
 Re: Dry-mounting gum prints05/04/05-02:36:41 PM Z
Richard Knoppow
 Re: O.T. GRA LAB05/19/05-12:58:27 PM Z
 Re: patently frustrated05/12/05-09:26:39 PM Z
 Re: patently frustrated05/10/05-07:54:41 PM Z
 Re: patently frustrated05/10/05-07:52:18 PM Z
 Re: patently frustrated05/10/05-04:49:23 PM Z
 Re: Qualitative test for hypo using Kodak HT-2 Hypo estimator05/03/05-04:27:42 AM Z
 Re: Viewing Distance for Prints05/01/05-01:39:24 PM Z
 Re:Viewing Distance for Prints05/01/05-06:27:47 AM Z
Robert Cockrell
 RE: Traveling Portfolio05/10/05-12:49:41 PM Z
 RE: Traveling Portfolio05/09/05-11:49:32 AM Z
 Re: Traveling Portfolio05/06/05-10:47:51 AM Z
Robert M
 Re: Why Winsor & Newton - OT, About Book Accuracy - OT05/31/05-07:36:56 PM Z
 Re: Why Winsor & Newton?05/31/05-05:38:23 PM Z
 Re: Why Winsor & Newton?05/29/05-05:32:49 PM Z
 Re: Why Winsor & Newton?05/29/05-05:03:17 PM Z
 Why Winsor & Newton?05/29/05-01:51:28 AM Z
Robert Triffin
 RE: alternative to flourescent tubes.05/31/05-04:34:09 PM Z
Robert W. Schramm
 Re: Gold Chloride05/02/05-09:24:46 PM Z
 RE: Gold Chloride05/02/05-02:51:51 PM Z
Robkin, Eugene
 RE: patently frustrated05/11/05-12:19:31 PM Z
roger kockaerts
 subscription05/17/05-01:34:12 PM Z
 Re: alternative to flourescent tubes.05/31/05-10:48:02 AM Z
 odd cyanotype behavior05/25/05-04:27:02 PM Z
 Re: cyano recipe--oops, sorry05/04/05-12:06:28 PM Z
 Re: cyano recipe05/03/05-08:22:57 PM Z
Ryuji Suzuki
 Re: Crosslinking gelatin05/31/05-04:04:52 PM Z
 Re: patently frustrated05/12/05-09:01:08 PM Z
 Re: patently frustrated05/12/05-08:55:05 PM Z
Sam Wang
 RE: Sizing papers05/29/05-07:55:59 AM Z
 RE: GUM-PVA-COLD preshrink05/24/05-10:37:54 AM Z
 Re: Curious Question about Cyano/VDB05/12/05-06:03:44 AM Z
Sandy King
 Re: alternative to flourescent tubes.05/31/05-01:40:36 PM Z
 Re: sun vs exposure unit05/26/05-07:59:17 PM Z
 RE: Digital Neg Materials05/13/05-03:57:18 PM Z
 Re: BLB screw-in tubes05/07/05-09:34:07 PM Z
 BLB screw-in tubes05/06/05-10:58:50 PM Z
 Re: Sam Wangs solids...05/04/05-01:11:07 PM Z
 RE: Viewing Distance for Prints05/01/05-10:36:49 AM Z
 Re: Viewing Distance for Prints05/01/05-07:47:13 AM Z
Schuyler Grace
 RE: Sizing with hardened gum05/24/05-12:58:58 PM Z
 RE: GUM-PVA-COLD preshrink05/24/05-12:23:50 PM Z
Scott Wainer
 Crosslinking gelatin05/31/05-02:49:04 PM Z
 Re: Sizing papers05/30/05-02:42:53 PM Z
 Re: Why Winsor & Newton?05/29/05-08:07:15 AM Z
 Re: Why Winsor & Newton?05/29/05-05:01:40 AM Z
 Sizing papers05/28/05-06:53:13 PM Z
 Re: Winsor & Newton update05/28/05-06:37:19 PM Z
 Re: odd cyanotype behavior05/25/05-07:36:54 PM Z
 Re: Gum woes revisited05/20/05-10:05:49 PM Z
 Re: Gum woes revisited05/20/05-09:24:21 PM Z
 Gum woes revisited05/19/05-04:22:09 PM Z
 Re: Digital Neg Materials05/13/05-03:00:43 PM Z
 Re: Formaldehyde source (was Gum woes)05/13/05-02:47:04 PM Z
 Re: Formaldehyde source (was Gum woes)05/11/05-05:06:33 PM Z
 RE: Formaldehyde source (was Gum woes)05/11/05-04:18:57 PM Z
 Re: OT looking for Scott Wainer?05/10/05-03:50:12 PM Z
 Re: Gum woes05/09/05-09:57:58 PM Z
 Re: Gum woes05/09/05-09:48:02 PM Z
 Re: Gum woes05/09/05-09:21:59 PM Z
 Re: Gum woes05/09/05-05:13:57 PM Z
 Re: Gum woes05/09/05-04:14:10 PM Z
 Re: Gum woes05/08/05-08:09:53 PM Z
 Re: Gum woes05/08/05-07:41:47 PM Z
 Re: Gum woes05/08/05-12:40:28 PM Z
 Re: Gum woes05/07/05-08:42:15 PM Z
 Re: Gum woes05/07/05-10:26:41 AM Z
 Gum woes05/06/05-11:32:28 PM Z
 RE: BLB screw-in tubes05/08/05-11:36:31 AM Z
 OT: Way - Korona 8x20 Film holder Advice05/05/05-07:06:34 PM Z
 RE: Ferric Ammonium Oxalate05/01/05-08:54:57 AM Z
Stane Koèar
 Re: Chemistry source in Europe05/04/05-05:42:23 AM Z
 Re: Winsor & Newton update05/28/05-05:41:25 PM Z
 Re: Cumpulsive Camera Clutter Disorder.05/08/05-12:52:00 PM Z
 Re: Cumpulsive Camera Clutter Disorder.05/07/05-11:35:05 AM Z
 Epson R1800? Was Re: Camera Cluttered05/03/05-01:15:33 PM Z
Susan Huber
 Re: Further Gum Woes was Gum woes revisited05/31/05-06:31:19 AM Z
 Re: O.T. GRA LAB05/20/05-06:29:23 AM Z
 Re: O.T. GRA LAB05/19/05-06:26:38 AM Z
 Re: Re: loupes for large format camera use and; humidity levels05/03/05-08:19:47 PM Z
[email protected]
 P/P at Kathleen Ewing Gallery05/31/05-07:37:38 PM Z
 Re: Alt Photo in Seattle05/24/05-06:44:19 PM Z
 Alt Photo in Seattle05/22/05-08:14:43 PM Z
terry lindquist
 Re: Spam strategy05/12/05-11:40:59 AM Z
 Re: Formaldehyde source (was Gum woes)05/11/05-03:56:57 PM Z
Thom Mitchell
 Visiting Columbia, SC in June looking for Alt Photo05/25/05-06:52:47 AM Z
Timo Sund
 Re: Chemistry source in Europe05/02/05-08:40:43 AM Z
Tom Ferguson
 Re: Dry-mounting gum prints05/04/05-03:56:48 PM Z
 Re: Gold Chloride05/02/05-03:54:52 PM Z
trevor cunningham
 Re: cyano recipe05/06/05-10:32:54 PM Z
 finding chemistry in raleigh05/04/05-03:58:18 AM Z
 RE: cyano recipe05/03/05-11:53:51 PM Z
 RE: cyano recipe05/03/05-11:52:04 PM Z
Tsuyoshi Ito
 20x24 Centennial POP05/02/05-06:22:15 AM Z
 anyone who has experience with cellulose nitrate negatives05/30/05-05:45:22 AM Z
 Photo conservator for India05/26/05-11:42:21 PM Z
 Re: emulsion flake off in glass plate negatives05/26/05-11:37:14 PM Z
 emulsion flake off in glass plate negatives05/26/05-04:09:16 AM Z
 Qualitative test for hypo using Kodak HT-2 Hypo estimator05/03/05-03:20:15 AM Z
 Re: Gold Chloride05/03/05-02:27:55 AM Z
Victor Loverro
 Re: Alt Photo in Seattle05/22/05-08:44:06 PM Z

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