Cumpulsive Camera Clutter Disorder.

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Date: 05/06/05-11:27:14 PM Z
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         Well, It is official! I watched "Ophra " and she interviewed a
number of people medically
diagnosed with a mental disorder called compulsive "Hoarding" .... These
people just had piles of junk around and were bottle necked to the point
they could not function.........They were just going on and on about how
terrible their lives were.......
      The Psychologist would go to their houses and help them throw away
stuff and try to figure out why they collected so much junk... ...They
were not very sensitive to " good junk" and what they really needed was a
Doctor of Junkology and not these " Twisters".
            After seeing the show, all I can say is these people have
not seen
anything yet! ......... They were just a bunch of short hitters ...........
There was Nothing Photographic! .... .No refrigerator filled with
outdated film, pictures cameras or lenses laying around. ...........No
surplus industrial film processing machines ! There were no
chemical "leakers" or spills with the shelves corroding away! ... ... No
old but still functional back up computers .....They actually still had
paths that had not closed up yet and the furniture was still visible!
      After seeing the show, I would be afraid to have a Psychologist
come over to look at the " Pile" as I believe it has become a living entity
............ I am certain they would have me committed even though I am
happier than a pig in a mud pit.

John Cremati
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