Re: Mix it all at once (RE: kitchen recipe for palladium)

From: Jeffrey D. Mathias ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/09/05-08:59:50 PM Z
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As a follow up.
The table is based on using a 100% pure ferric oxalate. You most likely
do not have this purity. The FO Sensitizer Formula Calculator can be
used to mix a less than pure sensitizer. You can either measure the
purity of your FO or assume it is 90% (the easiest way and this works
close enough for most all FO powders I have tested.) The mixing to 25%
should be adequate for most papers. If you get consistently weak prints
for that paper and your coating area is not too hot or too damp and you
have taken into account the coating coverage and efficiency, then move
to the 26% column.

Again, there is no definitive because of the many variables. But never
assume your FO powder is 100%, it just ain't so.

Jeffrey D. Mathias
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