Re: Lamp black - is it the Devil or not? And Payne's Grey

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> Some examples of the different formulations of Payne's grey: The
> Daniel
> Smith Payne's grey and the Maimeri payne's grey are ultramarine and
> ivory black; the Blockx payne's grey is lamp black, ultramarine, and
> pthalo. The Winsor & Newton Payne's grey is pthalo, lamp black and
> quinacridone violet. The M. Graham Payne's grey is lamp black and
> ultramarine. The Holbein Payne's grey is PR 83 (a fugitive pigment)
> with
> ultramarine, prussian blue, and carbon black. And so forth. I prefer to
> mix my own blue-blacks, but this is not to say that I think everyone
> should feel that way.
> Katharine

Very illuminating - thanks Katherine. I use the Maimeri watercolours.
Interesting tht I could do the same thing with colours I already have!

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