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From: Joe Smigiel ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/08/05-08:41:06 AM Z
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>>> 05/08/05 9:04 AM >>>
>>...Or as Joe says, could be overexposure that gets it
looking gritty....

Chris <<


I never said overexposure was causing the grittiness. I suggested that
overdilution might be causing it:

"Your first emulsion mix sounds too dilute to me and might be the cause
of staining which I'm interpreting your reference to "grained up" to be.
 The processed prints came out speckled with pigment, right?"

My thought was that the emulsion is too dilute, takes too long to set up
as a result and allows the pigment to soak into the paper and/or the
less viscous emulsion is being mechanically pushed into the paper and
causing speckling.

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