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Date: 05/30/05-02:06:07 PM Z
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> (big snip) 10 ml saturated Potted Dick.

Whoaaa, David, now THIS is a new way of gum printing....only for males, I
assume? I'm jealous...

(big snip)
Exposure by my guessometer was
> 90 min. overcast sky south western Turkey.

You're not serious about 90 minutes are you? I hope you mean 90 seconds; if
not, no wonder you can't get a print. In sun with in camera negs I don't
suppose I was ever over 5 minutes--mostly 30 secs to 2 minutes with
saturated am di. Diginegs, I would suppose about 30 secs to a minute, but
all this depends on pot di vs. am di, dilution, thickness of layer, etc.
Gum printing is surprisingly fast. When checking every source of mine from
1850's on, I have a range of 5 seconds full sun to only one source
suggesting as much as 45 minutes (shade in winter), most of them being in
the 30 second to 20 minute mark at the time when pot di was dichromate of
choice and digital was not even a twinkle in someone's eye. So if you're
doing a really thick, juicy layer with pot di, start at the 5 to 20 minute
mark, but I'd still bet money 20 would be overkill.
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