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> John Cremati wrote:
>> It is hard to believe that the US patent search is so
>> difficult any thing prior to 1970 or so..... I do not
>> know how these patent attorneys do it............ They
>> really need to make it more user friendly........ John
>> Cremati
> if you know what number to look for, it is no problem. And
> this is infinitly easier than before that site was there.
> And at least it generally works compared with some other
> countries databases :)
> Since Ptak made me(/us (?)) avare of that site I have been
> reading patents on fulltime... (thanks)
> now if just the various Authors had learned how to explain
> things ...
> Hal

   Patentese is fascinating. Of course, these are legal, not
technical or scientific publications. They are often written
as much to obscure things as to make them plain. Also,
although patents are not supposed to be issued for
impossible inventions they often are.

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