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Kerik, I don't mean to be cryptic, but I don't breath the numbers. I do, in
fact, need to look up the grams of ammonium chloride and the grams of
lithium chloride. But anyone can do that with the formula that I gave if
you have access to a periodic table. The formula is in moles hence PdCl2 +
2 NaCl = Na2PdCl4, or 2(NH4)PdCl4, or Li2PdCl4. Given that the 5 grams of
PdCl2 with 3.5 g NaCl was stated as a correct amount I let others do the
simple math.

The amount for ammonium chloride is 3.0 grams.

Lithium Palladium Solution Li2[PdCl4] (Lithium tetracholoropalladate) This
solution will cool your print. It can be used with FO or AFO, LFO OR SFO.
It is not recommended to use this platinum salts however, as the lithium
prevents the platinum reaction to proceed fully. It also has a tendency to
add a foggy look to your print if used in large proportions.

Distilled water to make 20ml

If you are prone to weighing with little precision, error on the side of too
much salt of Sodium, Ammonium or Lithium as it is the limiting ingredient to
getting the PdCl2 into solution.

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> Eric,
> Why not just cut to the chase and give simple weight-based formulas for
> each salt/palladium combo with a description of the image colors produced?
> No need to make this so cryptic!
> Kerik
> > Eric, when you're saying "1 part ... with 2 parts ..." are you referring
> > to simple weight or gram-molecular weight (mol)?
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> > TIA,
> > Loris.
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> >> The ratio or proportion is 1 part PdCl2 with 2 parts XCl
> >> where X is Na, Nh4,
> >> or Li. This gives you X2PdCl4; your coating solution of
> >> palladium.
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