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Date: 05/28/05-06:20:26 AM Z
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Katharine Thayer wrote:
> I just discovered something I hadn't been aware of, since I don't use
> Winsor & Newton paints, that might be of interest to those of you who
> do. Maybe I'm the only one who didn't know this, but W&N has just this
> year undergone a major reformulation of their paint line.

Here are some of the paints that were discontinued in that revision. I
don't know that any of them are a great loss to gum printers, but here
they are. I'll list the name of the paint, without quotes if the paint
name matches the pigment name, with quotes if it doesn't; Winsor &
Newton's product number; and the pigment number or numbers (most of
these are mixtures, not single pigment paints):

Thioindigo violet, 231 -- PR 88
"Purple madder", 205-- Pr122+PR171
"Permanent magenta", 073 -- PV19
"Vermilion hue", 232 --PR 108+PY53
"Bright red", 042 -- PR 188+PY65
"Raw Umber", 041 -- PBr7 + PY42
Quinacridone gold, 228 -- PO49
"Light red", 029 -- PR101 + PY42
"naples yellow", 031 -- PW4+PY35+PR101
nickel titanium yellow, 224-- PY53
"transparent yellow", 219 -- PY97
gamboge genuine, 069 -- NY24
"winsor emerald", 054 -- PG7+PY175+PW4
"hooker's green", 202 -- PG36 + PO49
"permanent sap green", 204 -- PG36+PO49
cobalt green YS, 234 -- PG50
"cobalt violet", 088 -- PV14 + PB28
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