Re: 1280 going berserkers

From: Jeremy Moore ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/03/05-06:31:29 PM Z
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This worked and I have no more banding, hurrah!

Jeremy Moore wrote:

> My last post seems to be lost to the wayward universe of the internet,
> but I asked Clay if he had been able to fix this problem as I
> developed the same symptom with my 1280 this week.
> I had resigned myself to saving for a new printer, but did try a last
> ditch effort which appears to have worked. First I printed out 6
> blocks of color, one for each of the inks, and printed this to see if
> my banding problem was across all of the colors or not. Well lo and
> behold, the banding was only in the light magenta--a big problem since
> my negatives are R:255! (and B:30).
> A couple of head cleanings later and I was still in the same boat so I
> did yet another head alignment and cleaning and then in frustration
> printed an 8x10 of solid light magenta. What do you know, but the
> banding was gone about 1/3 way down the page. This was of course
> immediately followed by a digineg which is now drying--we'll see if it
> worked, but it looks like it did.
> Jeremy
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