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Up early? It was the flu. But, ahah, am back on the trail toward the
sun's setting.
now, the Photo Rag is doggoned super-duper paper but give the Moab
folks a buzz and have 'em send you a few samples. Tell 'em I sent you.
Try their Entrada Bright White or Natural in either 190 or 300 weights.
Doing recent tests using a Color Savvy Mouse as a densitometer we ran
setp wedges and an image through the QuadTone RIP on to the Epson Fine
Art Smooth and Velvet, Moab Entrada Bright White and the Hahnemhule
Photo Rag. Yes, the Photo Rag has the best density of 2.1 but the
Entrada was a tenth or two off that with the Epson coming in around
1.7-8. The price difference is considerable.
I'll be running through a linearization thingamabob from Roy Harrington
(who visited my class recently . . swell fellow) and also trying to
create some of our own curves. It is a bit dense from the info on his
web site so I might need some of his tutoring since I am more
interested than expert in such things.

On May 4, 2005, at 6:02 AM, Baird, Darryl wrote:

> Hi Jack, (you're up early)
> Yes, I'm using the Harrington Quadtone RIP, and it is a real jewel.
> (alt-purists stop reading now... you've been warned!)
> Reprinted some digital collage stuff from 1996 and these are the best
> prints I ever produced - better than the toned silver, argyrotype, or
> c-prints I've made in the past. With just the simple selection of a
> 'sepia' profile, I got nice (antique) warm hues and dense, deep
> blacks. Using Hannemuhle Photo Rag... just lovely stuff, IMHO. I'm
> trashing earlier prints (maybe I'll donate them to those pesky
> auction/fundraiser thingys).
> cheers
> Darryl
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> All I can say Darryl is: "Congratulations, that mechanical beast is a
> beauty." One thing though,
> and this seems to be a peculiarity to be reconciled by a driver
> update,
> is that if you wish to print
> b/w one of the finest products is Roy Harrington's QuadTone RIP. When
> using that, for some reason,
> the 4000 does not produce as dense a black as the 2200 or 76-9600. Odd
> I think but anyway, with
> that RIP, you can adjust the amount of black laid down.
> Jack
> On May 4, 2005, at 4:58 AM, Baird, Darryl wrote:
>> Jack (and others),
>> If producing negs with the 1520 is possible and someone would like
> to
>> purchase (way cheap) one or both of mine, I'd love to move them from
>> my basement workspace. I've moved on to a 4000 (finally!)
>> off list please!
>> -Darryl Baird
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