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Date: 05/07/05-10:26:41 AM Z
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Thanks to Joe, Marek, and Dave. I am interested in "photo-realistic" tri
colors; not the more impressionistic look. What I am seeing I guess is
clumping of the pigment in the sensitizer when it goes on the paper; the
after effect looks like an infrared negative thats been enlarged 40-80x.
Last night, after posting to the list, I tried doing a single coat:

     9ml W&N Ultramarine (mixed 1g / 3ml gum)
     3ml of AD (25%)

The negative was exposed for 2 minutes and given a 30 minute still water
bath. The results were what I was getting before but this time there was a
weak image that was very gritty or grainy and even the densest part of the
negative showed exposure.

This morning, i'm going to try Dave's suggestion of increasing the
gum/pigment ratio to 1+20 and using an equal amount of dichromate. I'll also
try Joe's suggestion on using potassium dichromate instead of the ammonium
dichromate. I'll post the results later today and i'll see if there is a way
to post the images so you can see them. If not, I can scan and e-mail them
if you would like.

Thanks again, Scott
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