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Date: 05/04/05-12:06:28 PM Z
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Kris and Christina and other interested in cyano:
     Yes, Kris, your math is good. Yes, Christina your formula is good. It
has been a while since I mixed cyano and the idea of using half as much
ferric ammonium citrate, by volume, as water really looked off to me. So I
eyeballed it and made my erroneous comments about Tablespoons. I should be
old enough by now to know my eyeballs don't work well.
     If you want to make solution a double strength then you have the right
amounts. The "classic" formulas are the strength Christina gives but mixed
1:1 rather than the 2:1 she recommends. She is a lot closer to cyano than I
am, so you probably should trust her recommendations. I have seen ratios
including 2:1 1:1 1:2 so there is a lot of flexibility. I
suspect for each ratio there are negatives which work well.
    Sorry for my earlier post.
Charles Portland Or
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