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<Hamish said> I have always found that a simple ratio of 1:1 of the
gum+pigment and the
dichromate works just fine ­ I have never added any additional water at all.
On occasion I might increase the ratio of the dichromate. I have used both
ammonium and potassium - what works best will depend on your lights and
your negatives.

Scott, I should make clear that when I use a formula of 1 gum/pigment, 1
gum, 1 1/2 water, and 1/2 am di saturated, that I am always using a 1:1 gum
to di ratio; the water is just diluting the strength of my am di--in other
words, 2 tsp of gum, 2 tsp of am di solution makes up my mix. It's important
to have it liquid enough to spread easily, but not so liquid it absorbs into
the paper like water.

<Hamish said>I am not familiar with the paper you are using ­ Kerikšs
suggestion of Fabriano Artisco is a good one ­

Scott, I have used Lenox for gum, and with correct sizing it worked OK, but
was a more absorbent paper and a less dimensionally stable paper than
Fabriano. I use nothing but Fabriano now. It does not budge much when
shrinking and developing.

I truly think a lot of the gum problem comes in the sizing. If you are
using printmaking papers, traditionally they are not sized as heavily as
others because they have to accept the inks. In printmaking (silkscreen,
intaglio, etc) I do use Lenox because of its cheapness, but I notice it is
less absorbent than, say, an Arches Cover, so I know it has more sizing than
other printmaking papers, but it just isn't as well sized nor as sturdy a
paper as Fabriano.

I also have to mention that I use intensely colored layers, and with a good
size, staining does not happen. I only back off with my color strength when
I feel it is too chromatically brilliant for my subject matter, never
because of stain. And that is with only a 3 layer print. This, again, true
of Fabriano Artistico HPEW (not Rives BFK and others).
(Can you tell I am out of school or what???? I mordancaged til 1 AM last
night!!! And then watched a movie til 3 AM!!)
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