RE: been away too long, OT printer question

From: Christopher Lovenguth ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/03/05-08:16:50 AM Z
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Thank you for the email. I pulled the avi files and the html and checked and
scanned them and I didn't find anything. I also scanned the original file
and scanned my entire system on my computer and didn't find anything. I also
email my web host to see and they didn't see anything and my IP is the only
one that has logged in to the site to change it.

Can you tell me step by step what you did and I'll do the same just to make
sure it isn't there somehow (which I don't know how it can be, but I
definitely don't want anything there if it is)

Thanks again for the email.


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I just took a look at your site and download your small bandwidth movie.
I got a Virus/Trojan.

You may want to take a look at it??

David Hatton

Christopher Lovenguth wrote:

> Hello all, I think I've been away from this list too long and it's affect
> has been somehow I now have a digital camera body in possession. Let
> this be
> a lesson, see what happens if you unsubscribe for a few months you go
> digital! Hehehe...
> Anyways to my off topic question (great way to reintroduce myself to the
> list with a non-alt process question), since I do have a Nikon D70, I
> want a
> reasonable price printer for mostly proofing and was wondering what
> you all
> think out there in the "as cheap as I can get" pricing for a printer that
> will do me 8"x10" well enough. I do have an old printer that is ok, but I
> want something that will produce an image worth showing as a proof of
> tones
> etc.
> Thanks.
> Oh also I have moved back to NYC and hope to have some new dags soon
> up on
> my website, that is if I ever get to making some. I keep saying I will
> soon
> have images thinking the pressure will make me work again...
> -Chris
> PS - One more piece of self-promotion to the person looking to make
> daguerreotypes, look to my "how-to" article in the Nov/Dec 2004 issue of
> View Camera if you can find a copy (sorry that's the first time I've ever
> been able to plug that).

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