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D. Mark Andrews wrote:
> Katherine,
> I find the mounting of a fine art photograph on foam core a bit odd. This is
> standard practice however for posters, event signs, graphic design
> presentations, etc.
> Keep in mind that although there is an archival version of foam core,
> lower-end framing establishments don't usually carry it due to cost.

Thanks, Mark. I guess I was expecting it to be mounted on museum board
or something like that. And I did notice, when putting it back into the
frame, that the foam core they used was different in appearance from the
archival foam core that I had used for a backing material originally.

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> Hi all,
> I mentioned a while back my experience with Arches Bright White paper
> not drying flat. I know more about this now: it appears that perhaps
> because of the thinness and crispness of the paper, the paper changes
> dimensionally over time depending on where there is gum on the paper.
> Images that have more or less equal tone throughout, so that there is
> gum all across the paper, stay flat. But in images of more contrast,
> where there is a lot of gum some places and little or no gum on other
> places, the different areas change differentially. I have one piece
> hanging at a gallery that has great modeled cumulus clouds in the sky
> and reflections in the water, which became three-dimensional after a
> while, with the puffy clouds actually puffing forward out of the paper
> plane. Some people liked this effect but I did not, so I took it out and
> had it dry-mounted today.
> I don't know if this is common knowledge, but I didn't know for sure
> that gum prints can be dry-mounted (I had her press a scrap print first
> to be sure that the heat wouldn't hurt it) and now I can report that gum
> prints do take well to dry-mounting. And I was assured that it can be
> reversed if someone wants to take it off later.
> But I have a question. They mounted the print on foam core. Is this how
> it's usually done? I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't
> that.
> Katharine thayer
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