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Date: 05/03/05-01:15:33 PM Z
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I came to the same conclusion last week: I have so
much clutter around the house that it's driving me

Then I drove by these McMansions and realized that if
I moved into one of those homes, I wouldn't be as
overwhelmed by the clutter -- it'd have more run to be
spread around. In fact, I think that the house would
look pretty clean.

And if I put one or two cameras in each room....not
only would I be able to keep a format in a room, but
the burgulars wouldn't know where to go first (saving
my 4x5 but losing my Holga ;>)

Has anybody used the Epson R1800 to make digital
negatives? And what was your experience.

Greatings from the corrupt state of NJ,


--- John Cremati <> wrote:
> What you need is a "Doctor of Photo
> Junkology" of which I happen
> to be a Resident!......... You do not need a "
> Twister " who would come in
> and just start pitching with no sensitivity to good
> photo
> junk..........Sometimes a little good professional
> photo junk guidence is
> all that you need........
> It sounds to me that for starters you
> should buy a bigger
> house!......You could have one room for 35 mm, one
> for medium format , one
> for Large, and two for Darkroom....... Use the
> hallways for book
> piles.....These rooms should all be above ground so
> it would not damage any
> equipment or materials ...... Don't keep chemicals
> in the kitchen unless it
> is absolutley nessisary..... You can sleep in the
> basement or attic .......
> John Cremati

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