Re: Mix it all at once (RE: kitchen recipe for palladium)

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Date: 05/09/05-09:52:08 PM Z
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Thanks all for the wonderful help with pd. I mixed it tonight with a good
scale, and will be all set to go tomorrow. If I clean up my darkroom. I
have FO already mixed so I'll have to tackle that next, Jeffrey, when it
runs out. Hmmm...this is fun. All of a sudden my per print price has gone
from 96 cents a 4x6 to 48 cents. That is, if I don't spill the 300ml. No
lithium or ammonium salts on hand so I'm just sticking now with good ol'

> As a follow up.
> The table is based on using a 100% pure ferric oxalate. You most likely
> do not have this purity. The FO Sensitizer Formula Calculator can be used
> to mix a less than pure sensitizer. You can either measure the purity of
> your FO or assume it is 90% (the easiest way and this works close enough
> for most all FO powders I have tested.) The mixing to 25% should be
> adequate for most papers. If you get consistently weak prints for that
> paper and your coating area is not too hot or too damp and you have taken
> into account the coating coverage and efficiency, then move to the 26%
> column.
> Again, there is no definitive because of the many variables. But never
> assume your FO powder is 100%, it just ain't so.
> Jeffrey D. Mathias
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