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Date: 05/24/05-11:02:28 AM Z
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This is an often confused abbreviation. Mowiol is a polyvinyl alcohol
(sometimes abbreviated PVA, though I prefer PVOH for clarity). Mowilith
is a polyvinyl acetate (similar stuff as in Elmer's glue, etc), but
that's not what the reference is too.


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Date: Tuesday, May 24, 2005 12:37 pm
Subject: RE: GUM-PVA-COLD preshrink

> Hi Keith,
> Thanks for saying about "selling". Selling is selling.
> Is MOWIOL similar to the PVA as in Elmers School Glue? I've used
> the latter and found it to be intriguing to use - but the contrast
> seems extremely high. So perhaps that's why the images are built
> up in stages? And with enough passes, you get a relief? With such
> hard-edged processes, I suspect you can thicken the emulsion and
> get relief more easily.
> I regret that we haven't met. Sandy and Mark have both told me
> about your interesting work.
> Best,
> Sam Wang
> >Actually, the guy is pretty good:
>>He's got some witty stuff
> here and there are some shots of him at work.
> >What I find intriguing is that he says that he work acquires a
> relief as
> >the coats are added. Did you see an actual relief in his work?
> I have
> >tried all kind of things to make that happen and have failed. Please
> >keep us informed about your experiences with MOWIOL. I'm intrigued. 
> >
> >I would caution you against placing a premium on whether a person
> >"sells" in determining their expertise. I "sell", too. Not nearly
> >enough, mind you, but I still wouldn't call myself an expert. 
> >
> >Keith
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