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Schuyler Grace wrote:
> Just out of curiosity, how fragile was the gum base you peeled off of the
> yupo?

Very, very fragile. I didn't "peel" it off the yupo, it floated off in
the water, and if you tried to pick it up in your hand out of the water,
it would disintegrate. It wouldn't actually dissolve, but it would break
up into bits of sludge.

I've tried peeling hardened gum layers (dry) off glass and off mylar,
and if you can do it you're a better person than I am. My experience is
that rather than peeling off in a sheet, it can only be scraped off as
little curls, that look like curls of shaved wax. But perhaps you
could do it where I failed, and that would be useful to know, so don't
let me stop you from trying it.

I'm wondering if it would be possible to make a gum transparency (or
> semi-transparency) that would hold up to display.
> -Schuyler
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> The most dramatic demonstration of the hardening of the gum was on
> yupo, the gum lifted off in a beautiful pleated veil of insoluble gum,
> just like it looks when you lose a layer of crosslinked gum off glass or
> any slick surface.
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