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Date: 05/04/05-02:36:41 PM Z
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You can mount on foamcore. It tends to stay flat. However you might try just putting the print in the drymount press, between two pieces of paper or mat board, and press the print for about 2 min until flat.


>From: Katharine Thayer <>
>Date: Wed May 04 07:57:11 CDT 2005
>Subject: Dry-mounting gum prints

>Hi all,
>I mentioned a while back my experience with Arches Bright White paper
>not drying flat. I know more about this now: it appears that perhaps
>because of the thinness and crispness of the paper, the paper changes
>dimensionally over time depending on where there is gum on the paper.
>Images that have more or less equal tone throughout, so that there is
>gum all across the paper, stay flat. But in images of more contrast,
>where there is a lot of gum some places and little or no gum on other
>places, the different areas change differentially. I have one piece
>hanging at a gallery that has great modeled cumulus clouds in the sky
>and reflections in the water, which became three-dimensional after a
>while, with the puffy clouds actually puffing forward out of the paper
>plane. Some people liked this effect but I did not, so I took it out and
>had it dry-mounted today.
>I don't know if this is common knowledge, but I didn't know for sure
>that gum prints can be dry-mounted (I had her press a scrap print first
>to be sure that the heat wouldn't hurt it) and now I can report that gum
>prints do take well to dry-mounting. And I was assured that it can be
>reversed if someone wants to take it off later.
>But I have a question. They mounted the print on foam core. Is this how
>it's usually done? I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't
>Katharine thayer
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