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From: Bob Maxey ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/10/05-04:39:41 PM Z
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>>>It is hard to believe that the US patent search is so difficult any thing prior to 1970 or so..... I do not know how these patent attorneys do it............ They really need to make it more user friendly.>>>

The system could be improved, I'll give you that. The USPTO is actively seeking ways to improve the searches and clear up some very serious shortcomings that currently exist within the system. Patent attorneys are well paid because it does take time to complete a through search. One patent often references other patents and those reference still more.

I am currently writing a book that requires a fair amount of patent research. I have been searching patents almost daily for the last year or more. What is giving you problems? I do not use the USPTO, by the way.

Perhaps I can help you?


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