Spam strategy

From: Bob Maxey ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/11/05-01:55:51 PM Z
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I am sending this to the list, so sorry for the missive if it does not apply
to everyone.

For those of you that use a spam prevention scheme requiring the reader to
visit a web site and add their email address so it can be approved . . .
Stop it (Smiley)

These schemes cause problems for mailing lists. They also are inefficient
and they do not work. At lease as well as the user thinks. Especially if you
are a business trying to please customers.

I am not a list cop and I do not control anything. Just a comment from yet
another person that will not care to read your messages if we are forced
into jumping through hoops. It is not the way to prevent spam. Simply deal
with spam using the "del" key and please do not force us to visit the web to
gain approval.

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