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Kris, I agree with Eric. I teach high school and the students weigh out
chemistry all the time for cyanotype, van dyke brown and several different
toners including thiourea sepia, gold, blue and copper. All you really need
is a gram scale and some beakers. They pass a safety and measurement test
and wear appropriate masks, gloves, goggles, etc. They love doing it and
they learn so much math, science, etc. Our science department helps out and
gives us chemicals and loves the fact that we are teaching that aspect of
photography. It is a great way to tie in some of those pesky state science
requirements (that we have here in Washington) into art classes. If you
want any other input on what we do, contact me off list. I would be happy
to help you get started in any way I can.

Janet Neuhauser

> Kris, I can understand the lack of equipment available to HS students, but
> why not show them the way to do it and then just have some already mixed.
> What will they get from a less accurate presentation? Does the school not
> have a science department? A bit of devil's advocate here but I don't
> understand justifying a looser approach to an experience because it just HS
> students.
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>> hey all--
>> anyone have a basic cyanotype recipe that uses baking-type measures
>> rather than weights? (I.e. 2 tbsp. pot cyanide + 4 cups water; 1/2 cup
>> ferric ammonium citrate + 4 cups water)
>> trying to help out some high school kids...
>> many thanks
>> k
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