Re: Why Winsor & Newton?

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Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
  Now, Holbein does have one color that no other person makes quite
> the same--Opera. Can't wait to make a gum with that as my magenta of
> choice.

Just so you know, one of the pigments in that paint, basic violet 10, is
fugitive. (The other pigment is PR122, quinacridone magenta).


> Katharine, I did buy one of the last tubes of genuine gamboge a while back
> (PY34),

Actually that's NY24....

> just to see how it performs.

I tried my darnedest to find a tube of
> chrome yellow (PY24)

Actually that's PY34... PY24 is Flavanthrone which isn't used in any
watercolor paint.

 to test the old adage that chrome colors affect the
> process adversely, but to no avail.

I've used viridian and chromium oxide green, both chromium paints, with
no problem. I'm convinced that's just another myth.

No chrome yellow anywhere, although it
> seems that Rowney is one company that makes it. This is not to mention the
> company or two that use the name "chrome yellow" but the pigment is not
> genuine chrome yellow.

That's why you can't go by paint names, of course, because paint names
often have nothing to do with the pigment that's used. It's odd, though,
isn't it, that manufacturers will retain the names of fugitive and toxic
pigments and give them to safer more lightfast ones. Doesn't make a lot
of sense to me. cheers,
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