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From: Scott Wainer ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/09/05-09:57:58 PM Z
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Hi Chris,

Looks like i'll spend tomorrow shrinking paper then. One day to rip paper,
one day to shrink it, one day to size it; where has the week gone? Good
thing this batch is large enough to last me a year. Oh how I dream of the
simple cyanotype :>)

Grins and regards, Scott

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> I assume you pre-shrink your papers before
> > brush sizing only one side?
> > Regards, Scott
> Always. I let dry before brush sizing, too, tho I'm not sure if that is
> necessary. I heard Kerik (?) does not shrink Fab AEW, but I haven't been
> brave enough to try it without a preshrink.
> Chris
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