Re: alternative to flourescent tubes.

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Date: 05/31/05-01:40:36 PM Z
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Yes, I have found the 20 watt screw-in BLB tubes available for around $11.

By my estimation the screw-in tubes have an advantage over straight
tubes in that they produce a lot more radiation for a given area
because of their smaller foot print. For example, a 20 watt BLB
screw-in is approximately 2.8"" in diameter, so that if one were to
fit them side by side they would easily go into 3" squares of nine
square inches. A 24" BLB tube that puts out 20 watts is 24" X 1.5" in
size, and therefore takes up about 36 square inches to put out the
same amount of radiation, actually more since you would have to leave
at least about a 1/4" space between the tubes, which brings us to
about 40 square inches. In other words, for the same amount of space
the tubes are putting out about four times as much radiation.


>Those screw in black light fixtures are widely available for less than
>$16.95. Google
> One webpage said they were available at Fry's, if there is one near
>I have no experience with these bulbs, but it looks like they would work
>well for 8x10 (maybe 4 bulbs) and even 11 x 14 (maybe 6 bulbs, maybe only
> The wiring would be a lot less intimidating for beginners.
>Charles Portland OR
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