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Dear List,
Last month I saw a demo by a belgian gummist -Jean Janssis- who seems
to be a professional in that sense that he makes a living of it and he
had exhibitions even in New York.
The good thing is he had some astonishing gumprints of nearly 70 to 90
cm (circa 28 by 36 inches).
So I tried to ask him some questions; the only english -or german, or
dutch - word he coiuld reply was 'help', and my french is really not
good enough to discuss things.
What I understood is:
he uses Hahnemuehle 350 grs aquarelles paper (or Arches) and wenn I
explained that I want to know things like: preshrink, gelatine,
glyoxal, he made clear that he made the preshrink in cold water, half
an hour, several times, and there was NO need for gelatine-glyoxal. He
made clear to me that due to the cold water, the paper contains still
the original sizing, it's what he said , and he sells.....even in the
He did not use gum-arabic , but some stuff called 'MOWIOL 8-88', it is
an PVA.
He also uses only vanDijckbrown as a pigment ( a kg at a time ) , this
due to the big amounts necessary for the large prints.
So, I really was impressed by the quality of the prints and I looked
for MOWIOL and bought some.
But I have no clou how to handle the stuff.
I looked in the archive and found some stuff about PVA, but I have not
enough chem. background to go with it. Any comment is welcome :-)
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