Why Winsor & Newton?

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Date: 05/29/05-01:51:28 AM Z
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I am ever so curious. What is so special about Winsor & Newton paints? It is
not like they are the only manufacturer of suitable pigments. Are they?

I have made my own pigments for various applications because nothing on the
market met my needs. For example, photosensitive pigments for making photo
ceramics. I did not follow "traditional" formulas or use specific brands of
this and that. I winged it and the quality was the same.

So again, please tell me what is so special about Winsor & Newton pigments.
Educate me.

Perhaps when one person has good results with a particular brand, that brand
becomes the standard and others play follow the leader without knowing why.
This can often happen.

Unless I am missing something, I cannot believe Winsor & Newton is the only
game in town. I will go so far as to say if you can determine what makes
Winsor & Newton so special, you can probably compound your own pigment
formulas and the results might be far better.

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