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From: Scott Wainer ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/07/05-08:42:15 PM Z
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Thanks again to all. Increasing the pigment to gum ratio from 1g/3ml to
1g/20ml worked wonders for coating. The pigment, Winsor & Newton
Ultramarine, is still gritty and separates from the gum a bit, but I found
heating the pigment before adding the dichromate helped a little. Maybe the
age of the watercolor has something to do with it. I'll get a new tube and
try that. I also found that the potassium dichromate was a bit slower than
the ammonium and I prefer the added time. I'm working on getting a page up
with my ISP so I can post some of the images. When it's up i'll post the

Thanks again, Scott
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