Re: Curious Question about Cyano/VDB

From: Eric Nelson ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/12/05-08:53:52 AM Z
Message-id: <>

Yes, that is exactly the problem with using an
I used one to apply platinum sensitizer to some
stretched fabric for an image that was to be used in a
TV spot and afterwards I noticed the filter on the
mask I was using had become orange-ish, (the color of
the sensitizer) even though there was a window fan
sucking the air out of the work space.
I would reason that the sensitizer was going all over
the place and wouldn't try it again personally.

--- Sam Wang <> wrote:
Disadvantage is having all the chemicals
> flying in the
> air and possibly into your eyes and lungs.

> >g'Day Y'All!!
> >
> >Well, after some minor surgery last week, I'm
> backup & printing -- a
> >little. :o)
> >
> >Maybe it was all the time I had to just think while
> in the hospital,
> >or maybe it was influenced by the anesthesia, etc.
> but, has anyone
> >ever used an AIRBURSH to apply the solutions to
> paper for cyano
> >and/or VDB?
> >
> >Just curious, mostly. Seems like a good way to get
> a fairly even
> >coat without all the brush hairs. LOL! (Like I
> said, I was in the
> >hospital when I thought of this, so take it for
> what it's worth. :oP)
> >
> >
> >Sally Makeham
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
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