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Hi Jack, (you're up early)

Yes, I'm using the Harrington Quadtone RIP, and it is a real jewel.

(alt-purists stop reading now... you've been warned!)

Reprinted some digital collage stuff from 1996 and these are the best
prints I ever produced - better than the toned silver, argyrotype, or
c-prints I've made in the past. With just the simple selection of a
'sepia' profile, I got nice (antique) warm hues and dense, deep
blacks. Using Hannemuhle Photo Rag... just lovely stuff, IMHO. I'm
trashing earlier prints (maybe I'll donate them to those pesky
auction/fundraiser thingys).



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All I can say Darryl is: "Congratulations, that mechanical beast is a
beauty." One thing though,
and this seems to be a peculiarity to be reconciled by a driver
is that if you wish to print
b/w one of the finest products is Roy Harrington's QuadTone RIP. When
using that, for some reason,
the 4000 does not produce as dense a black as the 2200 or 76-9600. Odd

I think but anyway, with
that RIP, you can adjust the amount of black laid down.

On May 4, 2005, at 4:58 AM, Baird, Darryl wrote:

> Jack (and others),
> If producing negs with the 1520 is possible and someone would like
> purchase (way cheap) one or both of mine, I'd love to move them from
> my basement workspace. I've moved on to a 4000 (finally!)
> off list please!
> -Darryl Baird
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