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I don't think they sell it as solution since AFO doesn't keep well in a solution (AFAIK). In their pricelist table it says: 4oz (100gr). So, you may assume that you will have 100gr dry powder AFO if you order 4oz. I'm not familiar with non-metric systems but if I remember right, 4oz should be a little over 100gr. (113gr or so?). Why don't you order from B&S? Their price is much better than JDPhotochem's.
Regards, Loris.

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Konu : Re: Ferric Ammonium Oxalate
I'm wondering why JDPhotoChem sells Ferric Ammonium Oxalate in half,
1, 4
and 8 ounce volumes? How does one go about converting back and forth between
dry and wet measures? I probably need to call this supplier and find out
what the strength of the mix is.


nze christian wrote:
> Hello
> Ferric ammonium oxalate is usually sold as dry powder. I think that
> you can find it in solution at B&S PF , artcraft and other alt
> photography store but elsewhere you will find dry powder
> Amicalement
> best regards
> Nzé Christian
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>> Is Ferric Ammonium Oxalate usually liquid or dry powder? [I'm doing
>> a Wares Cyano from scratch] Thx.

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