Re: Epson 2200 clogging?

From: Jeremy Moore ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/12/05-03:30:00 PM Z
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I've tried that including using a syringe to insert cleaning fluid
directly into the heads--I called Epson and they said it sounds like the
print head has failed completely. wrote:

> If you just Google something like "Epson 1280 Clog", you will probably
> get a number of good posts or websites with directions on how to deal
> with clogs. Usually they can be fixed. One thing that helps with
> some printers is to run the Cleaning Cycle a few times without running
> the pattern check in between. For many printers this causes the
> cleaning cycle to be increased in intensity each time and helps get
> rid of the clog. I have had a number of Epson printers and have 4
> different current models here that I am testing and I have never had
> one that I could not get rid of clogging by just using the above method.
> Also, you will find reference above for the STUBBORN clogs using the
> Windex treatment where you put drops of windex on the pad and turn the
> printer off overnight to let it set. This sometimes does the trick.
> Hoep this is helpful,
> Mark Nelson
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