Re: GUM-PVA-COLD preshrink

From: henk thijs ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/25/05-10:06:45 AM Z
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Op 25-mei-05 om 2:46 heeft Bill William het volgende geschreven:

> It is nice to be reminded that we are an international
> group...
> and while I only understood bits and pieces of this
> communication, I enjoyed 'reading'it very much!
> I hope we never make some silly rule that English is the
> only official language and has to be used....
> More importantly, I hope there is never a real need to do
> so.
> Ray

Thanks for the nice words ; it is obvious that I wrongly used the
'answer key'.
And I think that the language will be the very last thing to be
sacrificed to make one europe out of the over 30 different states.
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