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Katharine Thayer wrote:

> Winsor & Newton's "lemon yellow" doesn't belong to the same pigment
> families as most paints called "lemon yellow" which are most often a
> hansa (arylide) yellow, like PY3, or a cadmium yellow (PY35 or more
> rarely PY37). The W&N "lemon yellow" is nickel titanate (PY53) which is
> a rather dull pale pastel, somewhat opaque yellow, it looks in the
> swatches like a way watered down yellow ochre. (I haven't used it
> myself; I'm just looking at swatches from various manufacturers and at
> the description at Just from the swatches and the
> description, PY53 wouldn't be my first choice for tricolor work
> (although it should be admitted that my own personal first choice is
> also a sort of offbeat choice, so I'm not looking down my nose at an
> unusual choice). The reason I wouldn't choose the nickel titanate is
> because it's such a wimpy, dull yellow; I'd personally want something
> more intense and bright to hold its own with the other colors in a
> tricolor.

Just for clarity I'll add that in the recent revision of the line,
Winsor & Newton's "lemon yellow" has been carried forward as described
above, but the more aptly named "nickel titanium yellow" made with the
same pigment (PY 53) has been discontinued.
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