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Hi Chris,

I think the strategy when putting patents in a database online is to start
with the most recent and work backwards, since many patent searches are related
to patents that are still active. In the US, I believe it is about 17-18
years for the duration of a patent? Perhaps eventually all of them will be
online, if they have the money and time to do so, but you may be on your third
edition of your book by then.

Best Wishes,
Mark Nelson
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> Very interesting you should be talking about casein and plastic. I am
> interested in Franklin Enos' casein process.  I am intrigued by casein in
> that it is perhaps harder than gum.  I was wondering about Enos' patent that
> he went off of in the very beginning.  Sam told me that his archives are in
> Louisville, and perhaps the copy of the patent is there in his files.  I got
> the article off of and also thanks, Gene R., for the
> article you located.  That is the one I started with that gave the actual
> number of the patent.  But Mark N was able to locate that patent no. and it
> seems it is for the manufacture of a toy, hence something is incorrect, and
> it seems I would have to look thru thousands of patents around the yr 1870
> in order to locate the correct one. Maybe I'll have enough free time to do
> so, but if there were a better search program, like, for instance, an index
> of the patents around the year 1870, it'd be soooo much easier.
> Chris
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