Re: Qualitative test for hypo using Kodak HT-2 Hypo estimator

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Subject: Qualitative test for hypo using Kodak HT-2 Hypo estimator


I use permawash and selenium toner to archivally process fiber
base prints. Recently, I carried out some tests using HT-2 to assess
residual hypo. While there is no tint whatsoever (after a 1 hour
final wash in a gravity works print washer)in the wet print, as the
print dries, some stain becomes visible. Now my question is, whether
I should assess the hypo levels going by the results on the just
processed wet print or do we go by the stain that develops much much
later on the dry print ? Common sense tells me wet or dry, it should
not matter... Will somebody who has some experience in this business
help me out ? Regards and Best wishes, V. Karthik
   Please clarify, do print that you have tested wet develop a stain later when they are dry. Or do prints that are dry have the stain
If its the first its because the test solution isn't washed out of the print after testing and continues to react or to change. There should be
no difference between prints _tested_ after they have dried. However, its recommended that the print be soaked first so that the
rate of absorption of the emulsion is  the same as for a wet print. 
Prints that have been tested should be washed as you would wash a print that has been toned. 
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