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...and I had just the opposite bit of confusion when I first started reading
references to PVA in gum printing. Being a woodworker from way back, I
assumed they were talking about polyvinyl acetate (as in PVA glue) but soon
discovered polyvinyl alcohol was their "PVA." I guess it's all a matter of
history and perspective.


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Gawain Mead Weaver wrote:
> This is an often confused abbreviation. Mowiol is a polyvinyl alcohol
> (sometimes abbreviated PVA, though I prefer PVOH for clarity). Mowilith
> is a polyvinyl acetate (similar stuff as in Elmer's glue, etc), but
> that's not what the reference is too.

Thanks for clarification, Gawain. Just a couple of weeks ago I made this
very mistake; I wasted several bucks buying a vial of "PVA glue" in a
local crafts store to do some gum experiments with, assuming that the
PVA meant Polyvinyl alcohol, since I'm used to seeing it referred to
this way in the literature about crosslinking, and my chemist colleague
refers to it simply as PVA. But when I got this glue home and tried to
print with it, it simply refused to mix with the dichromate, and then I
realized that it must be polyvinyl acetate. (But I'd always thought that
the stuff in Elmer's glue was polyvinyl alcohol...?)
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