Speaking of cyanotypes....

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Speaking of cyanotypes, the Ramsey County Historical Society (St. Paul, Minnesota USA) owns the Henry Bosse collection of cyanotypes. There are 169 prints in the portfolio.

Bosse, (according to RCHS) is considered to be among the most important 19th century photographers. An engineer by profession, Bosse worked with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

>From 1883-1891, he photographed along the Upper Mississippi River in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa.

The portfolio was found in the 1990s in a desk drawer of a river dredging boat. It was taken to Sotheby's where the portfolio was sold for $65,000. It is currently valued at approx. $1 million.

Approx 30 of the cyanotype prints (along with Bosse's camera and a display of the cyanotype process) are on display at Landmark Center in St. Paul.

For more information, contact RCHS at 651.222.0701.

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