Re: Gum woes revisited

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Date: 05/20/05-07:15:32 PM Z
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Scott Wainer wrote:
> If I said W&N Lemon Yellow I confused the manufacturers.

Oops...well, then, never mind all that about nickel titanate...:-)

I kept the Lemon
> Yellow because I like the color (as I see it).

Yes, the PY3 is a nice clear yellow, although very light-valued, as you
note below.

> I stopped by Pearl art supply on my way home from work today and picked up 2
> new colors - W&N Quinacridone Red (PR209) and W&N Winsor Yellow (PY154). I
> haven't had a chance to try them yet. I remember there was a discussion
> about Quinacridone on the list sometime back but I didn't pay much attention
> to it and I haven't looked it up yet so I don't know what everyone's
> reaction to it was.

This (PR 209) is a nice, clean, transparent, permanent red. If I weren't
in love with a really eccentric red (PR 175) this is the pigment I'd be
most likely to use for tricolor.

I got the Winsor Yellow because it looked stronger than
> the Lemon Yellow which seems a bit pale to me

The PY154 (benzimidazolone, most often shortened to "azo" in paint
names) is a more color-saturated (intense) pigment than the PY3. It's
also a good primary yellow hue. The PY3 is lighter and slightly cooler.
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