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        Sorry, but once again I am asking for OT. Guidance. Please feel free to
contact me off list if this will be uninteresting to the list.
        I cannot open www.dimco-gray.com which is the website for the manufacturers
of GraLab timers. I keep getting the "page cannot be displayed" error
As I live in Barbados where we have 120V but 50Hz AC I wanted to replace the
60 Hz motors in my Model 300 timers (bought in the U.S. before moving here)
with 50 Hz motors. At present the timers which use synchronous motors run
at 5/6 normal speed. That means that 50 secs. on the timer equals a minute
of real time!
        I am hoping to replace my 60 Hz motors with 50 Hz, 120V motors. I know
they exist because yesterday evening I just saw three GraLab timers with 50
Hz motors in them.
        Any ideas of how to reach GraLab or anyone who sells motors for their

 Please check my website: http://www.bobkiss.com/
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