Re: Why Winsor & Newton?

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Date: 05/30/05-12:46:44 PM Z
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Dear Bob Judy,

Dye tranfer dyes instead of pigment what an an interesting idea ! I wonder
if anybody has used it. Both I and My friend and fellow printmaker Alex
will have try it out on Temperaprint.


Best wishes


On 30/5/05 12:32 am, "Robert M" <> wrote:

> So my next question is this: if "you" are concerned about vehicles and
> carriers that may or may not affect the process or the longevity of the
> print, why not forget commercially manufactured colors and compound your
> own? There are a few good sources for pure pigments and the "simple"
> requirements of the gum process/Tri-Color Carbo make compounding quite easy.
> You put "realistic" in quotes. Are you interested in true color or some
> approximate fidelity to sooth your vision? I am just asking. True color is
> "easy" because you can easily obtain the proper dyes used to make dye
> transfer prints. They should be easy to change to suite the needs of most
> workers on this list.
> By the way, matrix film is once again available.
> Bob
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