Re: Sizing papers

From: Christina Z. Anderson ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/30/05-02:04:01 PM Z
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> Chris,
> Would you be brave enough ;-) to say that Fab Artistico might be used
> by students for single color without pre-shrinking?
> -Darryl

You betcha, as they say up north! I'll tell ya what I have been doing (just
in case their one coats need an extra coat and the paper has, in fact,
contracted): I get a plate with some water on it and a sponge, and I sponge
the back of the (usually the 16x20 size) print so it looks glossy with a bit
of water all the way over, wait for about 5 minutes for the moisture to
relax the paper, and then over a light box I have taped my neg in place by
eyeball registration. The paper will nicely relax into the neg, as long as
you are watching for that perfect moment of exact size.
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