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Thank you for sharing your experience. I have also thought of trying heat
from the type of infrared bulb used in shower rooms or over food plates in
fast service restaurants. This source would not generate much convection,
having no fans to disperse chemicals widely. Joachim

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I tried a microwave and don't recommend it. It melted the pigments on
two different substrates.

Instead, a small 800-1400 watt ceramic heater, placed about 12-15"
from the printed substrate, appears to give very good results.


>One of the problems with most of the transparent media for desktop digital
>negatives has been the slow, and often incomplete, drying. Has anyone
>Ansel Adams' test-print technique of using a microwave oven for controlled
>drying? Joachim
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>Hi Dan,
>I use Westjet transapency from Westar Solution with Epson 1280's. One 1280
>is setup with dye inks and the other with pigmented inks; both from
> It is recommended that you only print using black ink but I
>find that printing grayscale with all colors give a smoother negative. I
>haven't seen any puddleing though the transparencies take a day or two to
>dry at 50% RH. Generally I dry them with a blowdryer on hot and they are
>ready in minutes. Westar will also send samples if you call or email them.
>Regards, Scott
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>> I was wondering what transparency materials (other
>> than Pictorico Inkjet OHP) people have used to make
>> their inkjet digital negs? Anyone used Epson, HP, Avery?
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