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Chris, When you buy your palladium, you buy it as palladium chloride
crystals. Then when you mix up your palladium to coat with, you add the
appropriate salt; Sodium Chloride, Ammonium Chloride, Lithium Chloride, ...

The ratio or proportion is 1 part PdCl2 with 2 parts XCl where X is Na, Nh4,
or Li. This gives you X2PdCl4; your coating solution of palladium.

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> Eric,
> I'm a newbie pd printer; how do you get lithium, sodium, ammonium?
> > Add your salt to the water, mix it and then add your palladium chloride.
> > If
> > you chose to use a kitchen approach; at least use plastic spoons.
> I was joking about kitchen recipes with precious metals. I have a gram
> scale and will be weighing this puppy out.
> Chris
> <biggie snip>And if I were you, I'd mix
> > up some as ammonium palladium, some lithium, and some sodium...
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