Re: Epson 2200 clogging?

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Date: 05/12/05-03:24:29 PM Z
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If you just Google something like "Epson 1280 Clog", you will probably get a
number of good posts or websites with directions on how to deal with clogs.
Usually they can be fixed. One thing that helps with some printers is to run
the Cleaning Cycle a few times without running the pattern check in between.
 For many printers this causes the cleaning cycle to be increased in
intensity each time and helps get rid of the clog. I have had a number of Epson
printers and have 4 different current models here that I am testing and I have
never had one that I could not get rid of clogging by just using the above

Also, you will find reference above for the STUBBORN clogs using the Windex
treatment where you put drops of windex on the pad and turn the printer off
overnight to let it set. This sometimes does the trick.

Hoep this is helpful,
Mark Nelson
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> Jon,
> That's the problem with the 1280, it had sat for 2 weeks unused and is
> now darn near unusuable. So I really appreciate your experience with the
> printer.
> jeremy
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