Re: Formaldehyde source (was Gum woes)

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Date: 05/13/05-02:47:04 PM Z
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Seeing as the filters were not expensive, I ordered the set specifically for
formaldehyde. Someone mentioned making sure that the respirator fit
correctly, I did a little test last night by removing the filter cartridges
and plugging up the holes - I was not able to breath with the holes plugged
up so it has a good fit. Everything should be ready by the time the
formaldehyde arrives and i'll see if it works better than the chrome alum or
the glyaxol.

Thanks again, Scott

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> Scott, Why not call the company and ask their technical service people?
> While Kerik's suggestion is a good one, if the one you have provides
> protection, I am sure they will let you know.
> I did a search on the OSHA site or NITSA, don't recall for sure, a short
> while back. There was an extensive research area that spelled out what
> did what. I didn't have a need to look up Formaldehyde, but I am sure it
> there. I try and look through the browser history and favorites to see if
> there is anything good for you. I think I found it by googling fume
> mask,OSHA standards.
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