Re: Formaldehyde source (was Gum woes)

From: Dave Rose ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/09/05-10:19:42 PM Z
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It's been a few years since I've bought it. Try Dawn Scientific in Newark,

It is difficult to buy. I think many suppliers suspect drug manufacture or
other nefarious motives for buying it? Once I explained my needs, the
owner of Dawn was accomodating.

It is very nasty stuff, so if you use it, only do so outdoors.

Dave Rose
Powell, Wyoming

> > As noted by others, the type of paper used and sizing will make a big
> > difference. FWIW, I've had good results using Rives BFK paper treated
> with
> > a gelatin size hardened in formaldehyde.
> I've been looking for a supplier of formaldehyde but most chemical
> don't carry it or won't sell it unless you are a big institution. Can you
> recommend a supplier? I would like to try it; having used glyaxol and
> alum.
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