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From: Alex Swain ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/11/05-02:42:23 PM Z
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Earthlink has been offering this service for years, AOL has a version
of this, and its about to be implemented for several other large email
providers. IMHO its a good idea and its far more logical than weeding
through tons of junk and deleting them from unknown senders. I doubt
you're going to convince anyone to give up filtering out spam just so
you don't have to visit a website one time. If someone wants to get
through to you or vice-versa its a very small hoop to jump through
providing you really do want to get through to them.

my 2c.

Alex Swain (fo)
Burlington, VT

On 5/11/05, Bob Maxey <> wrote:
> I am sending this to the list, so sorry for the missive if it does not apply
> to everyone.
> For those of you that use a spam prevention scheme requiring the reader to
> visit a web site and add their email address so it can be approved . . .
> Stop it (Smiley)
> These schemes cause problems for mailing lists. They also are inefficient
> and they do not work. At lease as well as the user thinks. Especially if you
> are a business trying to please customers.
> I am not a list cop and I do not control anything. Just a comment from yet
> another person that will not care to read your messages if we are forced
> into jumping through hoops. It is not the way to prevent spam. Simply deal
> with spam using the "del" key and please do not force us to visit the web to
> gain approval.
> Bob

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